Medicare Supplement plans: check out the latest deals

Though the Medicare supplement plans are issued by private companies but still they are authorized by the government. These plans no doubt is a great help to the people. Have a look at the recent updates and amendments of these Medicare plans, that is, the statistics of 2018. Almost all the parts in Medicare supplement plans remain same except Part F, Part G and Part N. Part F, Part G and Part N have brought in some notable and even more beneficial tasks with them.

Important points about Part N

  • The Part N is one of the most important parts because they not only have low premiums but also have a plethora of benefits.
  • The co-payments are very low. It is only twenty dollars in case of doctor visits and is fifty dollars in case of emergency visits.
  • This plan holds all the benefits of Part B as well as has hundred percent coinsurance and co-payment (only those which have been mentioned under the Part B).
  • The Part N even helps you to get hundred percent coverage of the nursing services (which is mentioned under the Part A) for the first twenty-one days. After twenty-one days, the enrollee of the plan has to pay one hundred and sixty-three US dollars.

Important points about Part G

  • This part contains almost all the benefits of the Part N however it does not ask for any kind of co-payments (neither for the doctors’ visits nor for the emergency visits).
  • The part G contains the Part A deductible as well as the foreign travel emergency.
  • The Medicare supplement plan G 2019  also covers Medicare excess charges unlike Part C.
  • People after 2020, will not be able to apply for plan F but plan G does not have this disadvantage.
  • The premiums for plan G are very less as compared to plan F which has got its current deductible to be around one hundred and eighty-three US dollars.

Important points about Part F

  • This plan is also known as the First dollar coverage.
  • It contains all the benefits of the plan G like the copayments, coinsurances, the deductibles, foreign travel emergency and many more.
  • It covers the deductible of the part B of the Medicare supplement plans.
  • The premiums under this plan is no doubt higher than the Part G but it worth it. It provides extra future financial security.
  • The deductible for part F in 2018 has been calculated as two thousand two hundred and forty US dollars.
  • If you stay in the hospital for more than ninety days then, Part F gives you an extension of hospital coverage for one more year.

The new policies and varied amended policies of the varied plans under the Medicare supplement plans has further increased the comfort level of the people. It is time that the people check them and get benefits from them when needed.